Gerrit de Vries
Nickname: Gerrit
Birthdate: 02/06/1984
Age: 21
Nationality: Netherlands
Location: Zwaagwesteinde, Friesland
Team: Netherlands

1994: 1ste geoff crammond game :)
1996: Grand Prix 2

1996-2006: Indycar 1&2,nascar 1&3,grand prix 3&4,Netkar Namie,Rfactor,Netkar-Pro

First started online racing with netkar namie in the GPC league,finished 2nd with my team in the constructors championship,finished 8th in drivers champ,after that i did alot of free races with Namie and Rfactor,now im replacing people who cant drive in the GPC rfactor GP2 league,and cant wait till the netkarpro league starts :)


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