Pascal de Birk
Nickname: Choss
Birthdate: 15/03/1984
Age: 22
Nationality: Dutch, Netherlands
Location: Almere, The Netherlands
Team: Netherlands

Driver word:
For me, simracing started in 1996 with Geoff Grammond's second simracing game GP2. In the years that followed I started racing with GP3, GP4, F1 Challenge and more. In that period I gained a lot of track experience. Learning a car and track goes easily , but I'm in my learning curve yet. For now, I've never raced in a online league before so, in that i'm a rookie. My technical knowledge about setting up a car is not quite developed. I hope that I can learn many things from my fellow teammates. I see this season as a learning year, but with my driver capabilities I hope that I can support the team as good as I can.

I'm truly honoured that Team Netherlands has contacted me to strengthen the team, and I'm looking forward to this championship

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